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Snappi Happi Tummi Colic Remedy
Snappi Happi Tummi Colic Remedy
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Does your baby cry a lot?  Do you believe that your baby suffers from colic?

Relax!! You do not have to watch your baby suffer in pain! An alternative to medications - a NATURAL solution from Happi Tummi™ to help ease baby's pain.

Happi Tummi® is the Newest 100% Natural External Remedy Specifically Formulated to Help Relieve Colic Discomfort and Fussy Babies!  

  • 100% Natural Colic-Relief Waistband.
  • No medication or drops to take.                
  • Baby goes from cranky to calm in literally moments.
  • Aromatherapy herbs calm caregiver too!
  • Ready to use in just 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Just heat up and place on abdomen.
It not only calms babies with colic and soothes babies with stomach aches, it also is great for calming babies when it is time to go to sleep.

Happi Tummi™ not only calms the baby – it also calms the mother, father or whom ever is caring for a fussy baby.  In addition to relieving the symptoms of an upset baby, the wonderful aroma, has a calming effect on the caretaker too.

Happi Tummi ™ is pediatrician recommended.

Q & A

How do I use the Happi Tummi ®?

It is simple. 1- Take the Happi Tummi® out of the package. 2- Place it in the microwave, on a clean surface and turn it on for 20 seconds. 3 – Test the Happi Tummi™ on the inside of your arm, to make sure it is not too hot for the baby. Once you feel it is at a warm temperature and not hot, 4- place over babies abdomen. 5- Watch your baby calm and at peace!


Is this product safe?

Yes, Like all products Happi Tummi® must be used as instructed.  It is to be used only externally and under the supervision of a parent or caregiver.  It is not a toy and the baby should never be left with the Happi Tummi® unsupervised. The adult using the product should also follow the heating instructions as written on the package.


Is it Pediatrician recommended?

Yes.  Pediatricians are recommending the Happi Tummi ®.  It is the only 100% Natural external remedy for colic and fussy stricken babies!  When we discovered that this product really worked for calming a colicky and fussy baby, we shared it with our pediatrician.  He was amazed.  However, he was really amazed when he had the opportunity to try the Happi Tummi ® on his grandson who was born with colic.


What is the Happi Tummi®?

It is an herbal belt that has been specially formulated to calm babies and relieve them from colic and gas pain.  It is a 100% Natural external remedy.  Most products on the market to calm babies from colic and gas pain are ingestible.  Happi Tummi ® is the only product specifically designed to be used externally.


How does the Happi Tummi ® compare to other colic treatments?

Happi Tummi ® is the only 100% Natural external remedy that has been specifically formulated for babies with colic and gas.  It was also formulated to calm the caregiver too.


One Happi Tummi ® can last for the entire  time of a colic stricken baby. Basing it on an infant that has colic for 3 to 4 months.  It is easy for a parent or caregiver to spend on the average  $300 or more on remedies to treat their colic stricken baby, most all other products have to be ingested.  One Happi Tummi ® will cost you less than $30.
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Price: $19.99

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